Introduce The Pure Cotton Of Home Textile Fabric


Date & time Jul 23
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Introduce The Pure Cotton Of Home Textile Fabric

We all know that there are many types of home textile fabric, and each type of home textile fabric has its advantages. Home textile fabric is also called decorative textiles. It is a practical textile that can beautify and decorate people's living environment.

The pure cotton fabric is composed of natural plant fibers, which do not have any irritation in contact with the skin and are beneficial and harmless to the human body. It has good moisture absorption, air permeability, soft and comfortable texture, excellent wearing performance, good dyeing performance; strong alkali resistance, poor acid resistance; good heat resistance and light resistance; poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle: easy to grow Mildew, but resistant to insects. Pure cotton fabrics are divided into ordinary cotton fabrics and combed cotton fabrics. High-quality home textiles mostly use combed cotton. The fabrics are delicate, smooth, durable, and resistant to pilling.

Of course, the polyester flannel fabric can also be a home textile fabric, and there are other types of home textile fabric.


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