The Importance Of Dth Hammer Driver


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DTH Bitis a large self-locking wrench used to rotate pipes and in some cases apply the final tightening torque. There are a variety of rig tongs available, depending on the application they will be used for. For example: chisel tongs, casing tongs, power tongs, rotary tongs and manual tongs.

Below we will dive into all the contents of drilling rig tongs-how they are used, how they benefit your drilling site and why they are essential to any drilling operation.

What is a drilling rig?
Rig tongs are used for one of two purposes; to separating or supplementing casing, tubing or drill pipe. Drill rig tongs are further classified according to their functions. The pliers used in the loosening operation are called stitch pliers, and the pliers used in the tightening operation are called makeup pliers.

One thing to note is that drilling rig tongs are always used in pairs. The first set of pliers is tied to the derrick with a cable or chain, while the second set of pliers is towed by a mechanical cathead. You need to consider the necessary torque when determining how to properly make this connection with the drill tongs. To accurately determine the required torque, you can multiply the force by the length of the pliers.

What are the different types of rig drivers?
There are three main types of rig tong drivers:

Thru mode driver
Straight pliers mold driver is the simplest drilling rig pliers, used for mold groove trimming. It is important to note that although this is the simplest drill tong, it is also the most dangerous because its handle and handguard can prevent the hammer from falling into the handle.

Oblique drive
Unlike the straight pliers mold driver, the angled drill pliers have a clamp, and the vertical pliers have a certain angle. The angled clamp driver also has a brass guard for the tip and handle, which makes the DTH Hammer safer than straight clamps. However, with this type of pliers, it is much more difficult to keep the angle pliers mold driver in place.

Hammerless drive
As with the same recommendation, this clamp drive consists of a hand tube that can be used to apply pressure without the use of a hammer. The hammerless die drive is the safest of the three drive types because there is no hammer involved, but for the same reason, it is also the slowest drive.


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