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MES standardises that access and now replaces that. Again, a reason I personally want it to be a part of primary client. Atleast the"shift modifier" permitting to choose what RuneScape gold option it permits. So everyone has real access to this attribute. Jad plugin informs you exactly what to do. In doing Sepulchre, these plugins help you. Draw distance is merely a QoL I want them to attract to the default customer, and they want. Item highlight and tile markers is to aid with visual fidelity, and tile markers are a few of the simplest and standard plugin style that makes complete sense. Its just another way to optimise your expertise and your own strategies, but it doesn't just say"okay go to this particular tile now" like plugins such as Jad / Zulrah ones did.

Animations and jad's sounds also let you know exactly what to do. The plugin is looking at something different. You still will need to learn how to take care of the healers, manage prayer points, etc.. I don't see how the plugin minimized the challenge - it's mostly useless in my view. I believe being able to see twice as far, know your authentic tile, eliminate menu choices, etc are a far more significant advantage than that. Again, I totally agree that the majority of this is things that should exist in the official client (draw space and MES particularly ), I just find it odd what is allowed and what is not. I don't see how it isn't seen by you. You said it yourself. You're meant to learn sounds animations. This plugin just goes"dw about that just click the button I tell you".

Thats how it makes it easier. I think"whats allowed and what is not" is largely things that simplify made challenges. I don't think tile things that are true at all. I don't utilize it. I am aware that running = 2 tiles. Simple enough to learn. Your paragraph type of feels like a moot point...If you have sufficient game knowledge/experience to know how to react to something, then obviously it doesn't give you some new info. That feels like saying"if you know how to combat Zulrah then the dynamic file markers and prayer indicators don't provide you some advice the boss does not give."

If the OSRS team can do it, why can not the RS3 staff do it?

They need to bring the BTS videos. I can not recall why or when they stopped but those were fine to see at least something. Livestreams replaced it basically, but they're also incorporating Livestream Roundups in shape of a transcripts now. They are the BTS. The live-streams simply don't do it. Livestreams are much longer. They show additional information (well, for runescape gold 2107 anyway) about the designs and demos of the functions. They can do interactive sessions and Q&A with the players too. So there are a few positive points for livestreams. For gamers who want bullet point mode videos, then they like the old BTS videos more.

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