Introduction To The Use Of Industrial Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate


Date & time Jul 1
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Industrial grade copper sulfate pentahydrate is a very powerful cleaning agent that can be used for baking on softening/removing dry oil and hard coke pitch deposits. It is a low-toxic product and has an excellent ability to dissolve soil and oily substances. It minimizes the extreme hazard of the operator to the material.

Steps for usage:

The most economical method to use Industrial Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate is direct injection, and then use a water tank cleaning machine for recirculation cleaning.

Spraying method:

Use industrial-grade copper sulfate pentahydrate delivered in barrels, spray it onto the area where the residue remains after rough washing, keep it for 10-45 minutes (but not allowed to dry), and place it in warm water at 60oC for at least 3 hours.


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