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Population realms such wow classic gold as Faeralina, which is home to most prominent streamers, have consistently had queue times. Some WOW gamers need to wait hours before getting into WOW Classic, based on if they tried to log in.

As a means to combat that issue, Blizzard made a post today, bringing forward a notion it implemented in WOW Classic's launch when servers were at their most active. To create it so more people might play, Blizzard additional"layering," which essentially meant that every server had different"layers," which makes it so the realm will hold more people in it without being overloaded. "While I am only able to name half-a-dozen realms in this area that really have extended queues at this time, I would not be surprised to see a few more realms adventure queue expansion during this remarkable period we're living in," Blizzard community director Kaivax said.

Kaivax asked feedback from WOW players about how they'd feel about temporarily increasing the amount of layers for high-population realms to two to shorten queue times. While many WOW Classic originalists do not like the idea of layering because it is technically a change from how WoW was when it first came out, Asmongold said on flow today that he does not mind the idea at all. In reality, he's an advocate for its reimplementation. "It is not a matter," Asmon explained. "There is no reason not to take action."

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a lot of people have expressed concern that layering a kingdom into several instances at one time could be disruptive to its market. With no WoW token which can be bought in-game to boost a individual's buying power with real-life cash, open-world farming has more significance. But Asmon believes that WOW Classic purists are living in a state of denial. He believes that the legitimate vanilla experience can't be recaptured due to how populated servers really are and how much more knowledgeable the participant base is about WOW Classic now because of greater access to internet resources.

He asserts that back in vanilla WoW, servers had significantly fewer active WOW players on them, making it far more reasonable for the kingdom's single layer to supply each the tools WOW players desired. "I really don't think layering is a big deal," Asmon said. "I really think layering would be good for cheap wow gold at this stage. There are negatives, but the simple fact that consumables and reagant costs are so high... it's not like vanilla, which makes that match worse."

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