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The lead developer of the World of Warcraft game stated that Blizzard will not force players to choose which version to experience. For those players who like both the Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade Classic versions of the game and are worried that they will be released at the same time, this is undoubtedly good news, because the content release of these two versions may be wrong.

Ion Hazzikostas, Director of World of Warcraft, told Neo, the liaison of the Chinese community at, that they understand that many players want to experience both versions at the same time instead of choosing between WOW Classic Gold For Sale them, so Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade The two versions of Classic will not be released at the same time. Ion Hazzikostas also said that there are still some difficulties in arranging the release time of these two versions. They hope to achieve a balance between the game and the players and do their best to do the best. Therefore, the specific date of the release of Burning Crusade Classic and Chains of Domination is not yet determined, and will be announced to the players in time after confirmation.

Ion Hazzikostas explained that some specific requirements for testing of each test version may affect the time for PTR or Beta to go online. He hopes to reduce such impact by selecting the release window. He knows that although some players only like to play World of Warcraft Classic, and other players only like to play Shadowlands, he still hopes to avoid too many conflicts between the two. He hopes to ensure that each game has its own breathing time and space, and each player group can choose freely without conflict with another player group.

Players have discovered that Chains of Domination 9.1 has recently appeared in the public beta, and the beta version of The Burning Crusade Classic began to appear only a few weeks ago, which inevitably makes them WOW Classic Gold worry that Chains of Domination and The Burning Crusade Classic may be released at the same time. And Hazzikostas' recent comments suggest that for those gamers who want to play Chains of Domination and The Burning Crusade Classic at the same time, it should alleviate their worries.

Since its release last year, the minimalist game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been very popular and has won the love of fans. Recently, Nintendo announced an update of the roster of new events and projects for this game, as well as the return of some older events.

This update will go live on April 28 and is called the April 2021 content update. This is basically an update this spring, which means that many things in the game will change, such as changes in regional fauna. Of course, this update will prepare a lot of seasonal items for players, such as a trip to the new island on May Day. Judging from the degree of appreciation of the Labyrinth Island last year, a similar outbreak may also occur during the May Day event this year.

In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, this year’s "May Day" event will start on April 29th, and this fun event will not end until May 7th. Players can enjoy the game during this time and will get more Many holiday items. Of course, if players Animal Crossing Bells want to participate in this "May Day" event, they need to collect tickets for May 1 from Orville between these dates and visit an undeveloped island. From May 18th to 31st, it is the International Museum Day event. Players can go to their own island museum and participate in a special rally organized by Blathers to celebrate this International Museum Day.

Finally, in June, there will be an entire June wedding season in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Throughout June, basically Reese and Cyrus will celebrate their wedding anniversary on Harv's Island. During this event, players can click on them to get some beautiful pictures. And, players can find wedding-themed furniture and fashion goods in the Nook Shopping and Able Sisters store throughout June!

The reason why Animal Crossing series games can be an ideal choice for players to escape from daily life is because of its simple and relaxing gameplay. ACNH's fan base includes not only ordinary people, but also celebrities like Brie "Captain Marvel" Larson. It has been a long time since the first version of the Animal Crossing series of games was released. The latest version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was released last year, quickly established its Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket loyal fan base once it was released. It can be seen that this game is still very popular among players. Perhaps this is why this game can still maintain a high position in the decline of many games (such as Fall Guys and About Us).

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be updated with a version called Chains of Domination 9.1. The main content of this version is to allow player characters to ride on any ground ride while exploring The Maw. Since World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was launched in November, players have been frustrated that there are only a few mounts in the vast area ruled by the Masts-Muff works, because the worst people there will suffer. In the next few months, once World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1 goes live, players will be able to unlock the ability to use the ground mounts in The Maw. Because The Maw is the main feature of this Chains of Domination update, it can help players easily solve this problem.

Of course, players need to complete the new Chains of Domination story mission through any character in the WOW Classic Gold Shadow Continent before they can use the mounts in The Maw. For players who have not won enough reputation in Ve'nari, this mission will also unlock Perdition Hold and Beastwarrens for The Maw. So by completing the missions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players can unlock the ability to ride mounts in The Maw.

The player character needs to talk to Tal-Galan in Corcia to complete the task. Tal-Galan needs to determine whether the character is a Ma walker, so he will investigate the character's Anima. If they survive this investigation, they will receive 2 gold coins, 57 silver coins and 40 copper coins, and can interact with Tal-Galan again. This item can only unlock the ability to summon and ride all ground mounts in The Maw and Korthia. If players unlock the "True Flower Maw Walker" rewards, the "Battle of Beastmaster" and "Fortress of Destruction" will also be opened.

It should be noted that this WOW Classic Gold For Sale feature is not available to all players. It is not within the scope of the account. Players can only use it if they have completed the The Maw Walkers quest line. Players need to spend about 40 minutes each time, replaying the task in the dominance chain using any substitutes they want to bring.

There is no doubt that World of Warcraft Classic is a success for the developer Blizzard. Some players don't really want to continue playing Burning Crusade, because they may prefer the original version of the game. Therefore, the company naturally hopes to continue its momentum by introducing WOW: Burning Crusade Classic, the WOW Classic Gold first expanded "classic" version of the game in World of Warcraft. For those players who want to continue to play the original version, Blizzard also provides them with a choice of WOW Classic with a regular character.

Players can explore new races, career updates and new areas of World of Warcraft on the existing World of Warcraft classic servers. And the existing WOW Classic server will be automatically converted to the Burning Crusade form, so that those players who do not want to enter the Dark Portal can enter the broken foreign world without entering the Dark Portal. Blizzard said that the decisions made by players will be permanent, whether it is to permanently retain the current form of WOW Classic or to update the version. And, technically speaking, players can also freely choose whether to own the cake or want to eat the cake.

This new expansion may eliminate most of the hard-won trophies. So for WOW Classic Gold For Sale those who have spent hundreds of hours buying the best equipment and items in the classic World of Warcraft game, this will be a difficult decision. But for those players who want to stay in the "vanilla" WOW and stay in Azeroth, the launch of Burning Crusade will be an opportunity for them to choose.

On the upcoming November 9th, Christie Golden will release a brand new World of Warcraft book about Sylvanas. This upcoming book will be dubbed by Patty Mattson, who plays Sylvanas in World of Warcraft, for its audiobooks, bringing players a brand new audiovisual enjoyment. If you want to Buy WOW Classic Gold know more stories about the most outstanding characters in World of Warcraft, you can pre-order a copy of Warcraft: Sylvanas now.

Warcraft: Sylvanas This book is mainly about Sylvanas' early life, and after learning about her progress in Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, she shares her current status and goals. Sylvanas Windrunner, as the core figure of the Battle of Azeroth and the expansion of the Battle of Shadowlands, is currently experiencing a four-dimensional chess game. Because of character research, Sylvanas is closer to Alsace: Rise of the Lich King or Illidan, even though some World of Warcraft novels have some differences between the expansion and the summary of certain stories.

Because Sylvanas is currently planning to become the ultimate boss of the 9.1 Raid Sanctuary, this is an interesting moment for her. In recent history, although we have often injured or captured important lore characters, we have not killed them frequently. This means that their story can continue in future patches. So players are currently not sure what will happen to Sylvanas after the battle is over. This book may eliminate past differences, thereby helping players determine Sylvanas’ planned schedule. And it may also participate in raids, or after the battle.

Warcraft: Sylvanas can give players a better experience, but WOW Classic Gold is even more indispensable for players. Although players can obtain gold by completing tasks, it will inevitably cost players to obtain Gold in this way More time and energy. Therefore, in fact, the vast majority of players are more willing to buy WOW Classic Gold on secure trading websites, such as MMOWTS.