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As we all know, New World will be officially released on September 28. In fact, after two successful tests, fans have been eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to return to the world of Aeternum. Fortunately, this opportunity will come soon.

New World is the latest MMO to obtain the full version, and it is also the first time Amazon has entered this type. The New World Coins game has features that many MMO fans will be familiar with, as well as additional additional features to differentiate the game from the competition. These include PvP focus, production systems, and other features.

With the increase in the scale of games, especially large-scale games like New World, fans are more eager than ever to be able to download them before release in order to prepare for the server to go online. Fortunately, New World has met this requirement, and fans can pre-download the game before September 28.

New World will be available for download on September 27th at 10 a.m. Eastern Time in preparation for the server to go live on Tuesday, September 28th. Although the official download size has not yet been announced, according to the game's Steam listing, players need at least 50GB of free space, so it is expected that the download volume will be around that size.

Although there will Buy New World Coins be a large number of servers available when the game starts, one thing to consider is that even after pre-downloading the game, players may be stuck in the server queue when some of the more popular worlds are launched. In order to get better performance in the game, experienced players will accumulate a lot of New World Coins in advance. But for novices, NewWorldCoins will be the best choice.
Amazon's MMO New World is preparing to launch next week, and there is no doubt that it will be very popular. Because as early as the beta period, it was sought after by many players. The game provides a huge open world of Aeternum for players to explore. It combines tenacious survival and magical fantasy, as well as a flexible career and role system. Players have plenty of reasons to Buy New World Coins invest in it.

Like other MMO-style games, New World provides its own faction system. Players can align themselves with three groups, each of which hopes to get something different from Aeternum. Predators believe in gaining strength through military power, while syndicates use knowledge as a means of gaining power. The predators are a ruthless army of Attnham. This is why players should join them.

The predator's mission statement is that anyone who has the ability to do so can prosper and profit. They want to make sure that Aeternum is a free country, as long as the players are strong enough to persevere. Predators are only interested in the strong among the strong, so if the player likes to fight, they are definitely worth seeing. If the player is the kind of person who likes to walk to the front door in a video game and knock on the door with someone's head to deal with the enemy, then the predator will be happy to welcome the player to join. If the player has a knack for fighting and upgrades the player's power statistics, this is the place for the player.

In addition, the faction system is very flexible. Although players cannot jump into any of the currently dominant factions, players can switch to another faction every 120 days. Depending on the object of allegiance the player chooses, the New World Coins player will be able to team up with friends or entangle other factions in PvP. Each faction has its own specific equipment to earn. If the player's faction is in power, the player will find various discounts and privileges throughout Aeternum. In order to be able to manage a town or even an entire region, players' factions need to work together to complete tasks and improve their status.

If the player's faction dominates, the player will receive loot rewards, better production revenue, and even more damage to the enemy, so it is worthwhile for the player's team to stay ahead. By the way, NewWorldCoins provides the fastest delivery speed on the market, and more than 95% of orders are completed within 15 minutes. So if players want to get New World Coins quickly, NewWorldCoins is definitely the best choice!
In order to differentiate itself from its direct competitors, Amazon Games has confirmed that MMORPG New World will have no rideable mounts. This is an example of New World's bold decision. There are many arguments for and against having mounts in New World. Some players may give up trying the game because of this decision. Any number of major design decisions can cause players to become interested in areas that were previously uninteresting, or cause them to lose interest. New World's lack of rideable mounts is an example of this polarizing choice.

A key selling point of New World is the fantasy of becoming the first settlers of the nominal Aeternum New World. Here, the player must explore and map the fourteen ruthless territories of Aeternum. In addition, the plot of New World begins when the player encounters a shipwreck on the island. Therefore, from the perspective of legend, it makes sense that there is no mount on Aeternum, because its animals have not been domesticated. There is no mount that allows players to truly Buy New World Coins participate in the deeper world construction of Aeternum.

For many players, realism and immersion can become boring at some point. Although this decision about mounts seems to help promote the plot of New World, after fully exploring Aeternum, running around may become boring. In MMORPG, the mount has always been the middle ground between walking and fast travel. If the player travels anywhere quickly, they may miss certain world events and monsters to upgrade their characters. Mounts allow players to move at a considerable speed, while at the same time can choose to participate in events or battles.

The biggest disadvantage of New World without a mount is that it deprives the player of the right to choose when it is really not needed. Those fans who like to be immersed in a shipwreck can still feel this feeling by not touching the mount at all. However, those who want the convenience associated with the mount, because they only have one hour to play and don't want to spend all of their time on running, now they are forced to play the game in a certain way. Apart from the more possible technical problems of New World, there is no reason why this option does not exist.

Although no mounts have been added to the New World Coins game yet, as New World will have an in-game cosmetics store and some small time-saving confirmations, it seems a reasonable assumption that mounts will eventually join the store. In addition, players should also accumulate a lot of New World Coins in advance to experience more game fun. NewWorldCoins is currently holding promotional activities, players can buy New World Coins at a lower price.
As we all know, the upcoming MMO New World of Amazon Games will be officially released on September 28 in a few weeks. But according to Amazon Game Studio Director Richard Lawrence, at some point in the future, Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service may offer New World.

Lawrence said that he is quite confident that at some point players will also Buy New World Coins see New World on Luna. Since Luna is available on many different devices, including Chromebooks and Amazon Fire tablets as of Thursday, this may significantly increase the number of potential players. But Lawrence has not promised to release Luna's timetable, because it sounds like some obstacles need to be overcome before that.

Nevertheless, having New World on Luna may be a pillar game that attracts new subscribers. Currently, Luna allows players to play many games that are also available on other platforms and consoles, but New World may be an excellent game that may not be available on any other cloud gaming service.

Streaming New World on Luna will also be an impressive display of Amazon's AWS cloud infrastructure, which is the New World Coins backbone of MMO and cloud gaming services. Amazon seems to want to find a way to use its own games to promote its own cloud gaming services, which run on its own infrastructure.

We are currently unable to determine if or when New World will be available on Luna. But in the short term, if players are interested in New World, players can look forward to viewing it on PC after the official release on September 28. If players want to get better performance in the game, they can visit NewWorldCoins now to buy cheap New World Coins to prepare for the game in advance.
Due to the need to maintain or even manufacture ammunition supplies, New World players may tend to avoid ranged weapons. But don't worry, players can choose the bow in New World as the primary or secondary weapon. The bow allows the player to cause high-quality damage from a distance, while providing some skills to make the player's offense more diverse.

If the player is interested in becoming the best archer of Aeternum, then the player needs to assign the attributes correctly, equip the necessary armor and auxiliary weapons, and put the player's proficiency point in the New World Coins appropriate position. The main attribute of the bow is agility. Every time you upgrade, the player should mainly put all the attribute points into agility, while occasionally putting one or two points into the physique to maintain health, as well as the main attributes of the auxiliary weapon. Once the agility has reached the maximum value, the player should start putting more points into the main statistics of physique and secondary weapons.

Players can choose the melee weapon as the second choice in the melee scene. Since most of the player's points are used for agility, the player's best choice is a rapier or a spear. Like the bow, the rapier has a skill tree that allows players to focus on damage or dodge, but the spear has more crowd control options. The 20% damage bonus of light armor weight should be the first choice for players to use bows and arrows. But if the player is more inclined to use the bow's crowd control ability, medium armor weight is also a good choice.

There are two options for bows: skirmishers and hunters. Skirmishers focus on inflicting damage over time, using AoE abilities, and slowing down the enemy's speed, while hunter trees are the original damage output. If the player's goal is to maximize the basic damage of the player's arrows, cause as much damage as possible over time and keep a distance from the player's enemies. Then, the player's core active skills should be the rapid shooting of the hunter tree, and the arrow rain and poison shooting of the skirmisher tree.

Fast shooting has the greatest damage output potential among all active skills in the hunter tree, especially when it is fully upgraded. It also has a knockback effect. Both Arrow Rain and Poison Arrow have a great continuous damage effect. The upgraded Arrow Rain will cause bleeding and slowing down, while Poison Arrow will Buy New World Coins cause huge damage through a blank shot when it is upgraded. In addition, players can purchase a large amount of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to strengthen their armed forces.
The much-anticipated Amazon game New World will be officially released at the end of this month. This is the first game of its kind in a long time, and it can turn things around for Amazon's shaky game department. However, many players have different opinions on the issue of whether there should be a mount in the game.

In fact, New World travels very fast and there are no horses or other rideable animals. The public beta has just ended, and the New World community cannot agree that this is a good thing. Honestly, it looks more like a subset of the community's voices and is definitely irritated by the idea of ​​mounts. This is the game’s official Twitter account that has solved many New World Coins problems.

Dozens of posts can be found anywhere discussing New World, where players defend the decision to mount no mounts, sometimes against each other and sometimes against the air. Many players have posted that they do not need mounts in this game, and they do not want to add mounts to the game. Some people think that mounts will make the world feel small. Some people just say that they don't like this idea very much. Now New World is playing very well, thank you very much. Some players say that animals cannot be domesticated on the magic island of New World.

Argument aside, with the establishment of the official Twitter account, New World will not have a mount when it is released. It will not be installed immediately after release. There may be mounts in the future, and they are considering how to solve the problems they see in the mounts if they do choose to include one or two horses, but they will not comment on this anytime soon.

New World will be released on September 28, and fans have obviously invested a lot of energy in it. Sarah James didn't like this kind of training, and Fraser Brown was delayed because of trying to make a few bullets. But this hasn't changed the excitement, there is something people really want, and they are happy to Buy New World Coins play it. They have played many games through several public betas. Many players are looking forward to the release of this game soon.

New World is coming soon, if you want to get a lot of New World Coins in a short time to quickly arm yourself, you can visit NewWorldCoins immediately and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins, you will enjoy the best quality service.
Currently, the public beta of Amazon game New World has ended. During this time, the game's traffic was impressive, with the number of concurrent players on the first day reaching a peak of more than 141,000. A player found the boundary of the game during the test. He found the edge of the map and revealed what would happen if the player crossed the boundary.

A Reddit user discovered and uploaded a short video to Reddit. The clip shows his character approaching the translucent glowing yellow wall that divides the edge of the game world. Their health began to lose rapidly on the other side and disappeared completely in about two seconds. Then the player will fall to the New World Coins ground, technically speaking, they can resurrect there, although other players are unlikely to reach out there to help.

If going out of bounds causes so much damage so quickly, it raises the question, why not immediately kill the player when passing through the wall. Alternatively, the developers of New World can make the border wall impassable like many games. Even though most players will never encounter problems, it seems a bit harsh to let players walk through it but give them very little time to escape. It is true that the huge glowing yellow wall makes it unlikely that many players will accidentally walk out.

New World will be launched later this month, and despite mixed reactions to its internal beta earlier this year, it has undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention. Criticisms include lack of enemy types, economic imbalances in the game, frequent crashes, and a series of errors. One involved the Twitch anchor receiving an automatic ban on milking.

Part of Amazon’s postponement of New World is to give developers time to solve problems players encountered in the closed beta. According to comments from fans in Reddit, this effort seems to be generally successful, but there are still some errors and balance issues. However, the fact that the number of players in New World peaked so early in the beta may be a red flag.

New World will release the PC version on September 28. Experienced veteran players usually Buy New World Coins in advance and then purchase the items they want. If you ignore this during the game, don't worry. You can visit NewWorldCoins now and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.
The weapon control system is one of the most unique aspects of New World. It allows players to try all the weapons in the game on a single character, replacing the class-based system that exists in many MMO games. Among the magic weapons of New World, Ice Gauntlet has the most powerful group control ability and is a good way for PvE and PVP to Buy New World Coins slow down and stop the attack. Players can use a variety of different methods to upgrade this weapon in the game to customize their own game style.

In New World, costumes are not just how players upgrade their weapons, they also affect how players allocate their attribute points, the equipment they wear, and the alternative weapons they choose. Ice Gauntlet has practicality, and its function as an auxiliary weapon is very good. If the player chooses to go this way, then the player's personal attributes should be assigned to the player's main weapon. But if the player chooses to specialize in it, Ice Gauntlet can still become a capable junior.

First, the player needs to invest 300 points in intelligence. This is the most suitable statistic for the weapon to be scaled. It will help players gain mana faster and cause more damage through attacks. Together with the intelligence, continue to put 200 points into the physique, because the player needs some durability to withstand the damage. It will also increase the damage output of some offensive skills that Ice Gauntlet will use.

When pairing Ice Gauntlet, the best way is to use another magic weapon as the New World Coins player's secondary or primary weapon. If the player wants to use the Ice Gauntlet to slow down and cause damage at the same time, the Fire Staff is great, although the Life Staff is equally powerful in terms of healing and teamwork. Ultimately, this will boil down to the style the player wants to play. If the player chooses Ice Gauntlet as the main choice, then maybe the player will want to use the Staff of Life to get some additional healing effects, although this combination is much better when the Staff of Life is the mainstay.

Ice Gauntlet can use three key abilities. These will provide a lot of slowing and damage, and in some cases get some much-needed safety from nearby enemies. Although Ice Gauntlet can give players a better experience, the important role of New World Coins cannot be ignored. More New World Coins can help players quickly improve their overall strength. As a professional seller, NewWorldCoins will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game.
If players want to know how to use each trade skill to produce content, then this New World production guide can help you. Although the beta version of New World ended on September 12, the official version of the game will be released soon. This guide can help players determine what to focus on based on the player's production goals.

After completing the first few missions, players can start production immediately after reaching the first large settlement. Players will use various workstations for production, which will be introduced in the main story. As the player expected, upgrading various trade skills will unlock better items to craft and may increase the player's output, but the player also needs a better crafting station. When the player completes the task through the New World Coins town project committee, the production station will be upgraded, but only if the company or guild that manages the settlement will target it. Players can understand what has been set by viewing the goals on the project board.

Players can collect basic materials from the beginning, such as flint and green wood, but players need specific tools to collect better materials. When the player reaches the first settlement, the player will get the player's first flint axe and mining pickaxe from the task, and then the player will be sent to the task of collecting various resources. When the player opens the world map, the player can view the location of most resources through the convenient title of the section titled "Resource Location" in the left column. This resource map will be particularly useful once the player has made more advanced productions.

Refining trade skills allow players to process raw materials collected by players. For example, players can smelt iron ore into iron ingots. There are many handicraft trade skills. It would be helpful to know what each product can produce so that players can Buy New World Coins focus on leveling the products they need first. It is also worth noting that each of these trade skills can make repair kits.

In New World, New World Coins plays a very important role. It can help players learn new skills and spells, buy pets and equipment, and acquire horse riding and flying skills. If players want to get a large amount of New World Coins in a short period of time, they can visit NewWorldCoins immediately and spend a small amount of money to buy them. They will provide all players with the best quality service.
Amazon's New World public beta has begun and will continue until September 12. So even if New World will not be released until September 28th, players can now start exploring the world of Aeternum. However, the player's progress during the New World Coins open beta will not continue. Nevertheless, players can still use these New World leveling versions to make the most of this time.

Like any MMO, it emphasizes upgrading the player's character to unlock more challenging content such as dungeons, invasions, and PvP battlefields. Although this New World Tips Guide should help players get on the right track, players are unlikely to reach the highest level during the beta period unless they really want to. But there is no harm in making it easier for you to upgrade, so here are some New World upgrade construction ideas to help players get started.

The player has two weapon slots, and the player should use them at the same time. This not only means that players can get the best of both worlds by combining melee and long-range weapons, but players can also use the abilities and rewards in the skill tree of each weapon when upgrading. The axe is a good choice, thanks to its rage mode, it can increase the player's damage and movement speed, and provide passive healing effects.

This version will provide players with a lot of survivability, so players don't have to spend time healing between enemies. It combines the passive healing of the axe's violent mode and the healing ability of the rod of life, but this does not Buy New World Coins mean that the player also needs to spend a lot of time casting spells. The Holy Land ability in the Wand Healing skill tree will recover for a long time after being placed. It also has a fairly short cooling time of 20 seconds.

If the player wants to focus on fast fighting, pairing an axe with a bow is a good choice. This version increases the speed of the axe in violent mode through passive movement rewards of the bow, such as the speed of the archer in the skirmish skill tree. It is also worth noting that the player needs to make an arrow for the bow before it can be used. In addition, more New World Coins will also give players a greater advantage. If players want to spend less money to buy more New World Coins, then NewWorldCoins will be your best choice.
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